Can't get pop down food selections to do anything in KDE/QT application GUIs in Ubuntu (Gnome session)

I have an all new install of Ubuntu 10.10 x64 in an effort to address the adhering to trouble from my previous 10.04 x86 install, yet with the specific very same trouble lingering. When attempting to run Amarok or Skype, which I am informed generate their GUI part using the KDE and also QT structures (I might be mistreating these terms yet I wish my factor finds ), both of these applications fall short to generate food selections when a food selection generating switch is clicked. This certainly, makes both of these applications pointless.

I mounted both applications via the Ubuntu software program supervisor, so anticipated that any kind of KDE runtime dependences would certainly have been cared for currently. I after that mounted kdelibs by hand from the console, which really did not seem mounted currently, yet this really did not appear to transform anything. I mounted a QT GUI setups monitoring application to see if in some way food selections were switched off or something for QT applications, yet the QT setups application itself shows up to deal with the very same absence of popdown food selections ... I do not have this trouble with any one of my Gnome applications.

What is incorrect below? Just how can I make these applications function?

2019-05-18 22:53:21
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Solved! It shows up that the food selections concerned trusted 'aesthetic results' being made it possible for in the 'Appearances' area of the customer choices. Transforming aesthetic results to either regular or added hence solutions this trouble.

2019-05-19 18:04:53