General GnuPG pointers

Prompted by the current vulnerability in SHA-1 and also reproaches to begin the procedure of relocating far from that hash function, I'm experimenting with GnuPG once more. I was simply asking yourself just how various other individuals make use of the system. Make use of these inquiries as motivates, yet I 'd actually such as to read about things I have not also considered.

What dimension keys are you making use of?

What type of points do you have in your gpg.conf?

Do you have an expiry day on your keys?

Do you have a retraction certification someplace secure - probably with a relied on close friend?

2019-05-18 22:55:49
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I make use of 4096 little bit keys, I see no factor to make use of anything various. Modern computer systems are conveniently effective adequate to decrypt something that high in secs.

I make use of an encryption key, which never ever runs out and also a finalizing key which runs out annual.

2019-05-21 08:46:55

We have actually utilized it for a long period of time, and also because time it has actually been durable, very easy to collaborate with, and also has actually functioned well throughout systems. We consistently secure things on Linux boxes and also decrypt on Windows, and also vice - versa. It is a well - vetted, well considered item of software program that has actually consisted of new encryption formulas and also criteria as they've shown up and also has actually succeeded for us for safe and secure information storage space and also transfer for many years.

We make use of 2048 - little bit keys and also end them after 2 years. We make use of gpg.conf to define encryption formulas, and also having actually seen the information concerning SHA - 1 have actually simply started checking into evasion these up based on We do not keep a retraction in other places, yet additionally do not actually utilize it in a PKI style either.

2019-05-21 08:46:02

identifying just how to rely on indicator keys. if you do not gpg will certainly constantly offer you this aggravating message "are you certain you intend to utilize this untrusted key??"


$ gpg --edit-key NAME
> tsign

And adhere to the guidelines from there.

2019-05-21 08:31:13