Is there a device that hooks to 2 directory sites and also integrates them as quickly as something adjustments?

I have massive simulation directory sites on both equipments server and also on cluster which I intend to maintain integrated. The standard scenario is that documents hardly ever transform yet when a simulation is done several large documents transform simultaneously which I would certainly such as to have actually integrated as quickly as they are shut.

Consequently I think a cronjob making use of rsync is not excellent, cronjob due to the fact that it calls rsync at a set time period which I 'd possibly pick either also huge or to tiny, rsync due to the fact that it should not need to look for alterations of documents given that I and also the simulation work are the just one accessing them.

So my suggestion would certainly be making use of inotify (see this question) to identify adjustments in the simulation directory in a loop and also after that fork right into a rsync for the transformed documents. Nonetheless I'm not exactly sure whether that could mistakenly miss documents shut simply when the fork is done. (and also perhaps I would certainly additionally wind up in a boundless loop as a result of inotify calling rsync to sync the simply integrated documents once more ...) So prior to I attempt way too much there, I duplicate my inquiry:

Is there a device that hooks to 2 directory sites and also integrates them as quickly as something adjustments?

(primarily this would certainly be something like an offline dropbox, I presume)

2019-05-18 22:56:01
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Check out lsyncd.

Lsyncd sees a neighborhood directory trees occasion display user interface (inotify). It accumulations and also incorporates occasions for a couple of secs and afterwards generates one (or even more) procedure (es) to integrate the adjustments. By default this is rsync. Lsyncd is hence a light - weight real-time mirror remedy that is fairly very easy to install not calling for new filesystems or blockdevices and also does not interfere with neighborhood filesystem performance.

It is not 2 - means, yet from your inquiry I recognized you do not require that either. If you require 2 - means synchronization, Unison is excellent solution, other than there is no inotify assistance. Additionally, look into this question.

3rd point for 2 - means synchronization is DRBD, block - degree realtime synchronization system, consisted of in mainline bit. However, as it is virtually simultaneous, it calls for rapid net link.

2019-05-21 07:13:49