Chemistry: Gravimetric resolution of copper in ore

Hey, sorry for the non so mathematical inquiry yet that is the only area where I would certainly assumed a person would certainly address this so below we go.

I'm doing a chemistry research and also I need to address this actual inquiry:

If 50 grams of a certain mineral having copper nitrate (II) offered, after ideal therapy 1.6933 grams of pure copper. For this ore, establish the percent web content by weight of copper and also the percent web content by weight of copper nitrate (II) in ore.

Could a person aid with this please?

Many thanks, any kind of aid will certainly be significantly valued

2019-05-18 22:57:04
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To establish the percent of copper (II) nitrate in the ore, you require to make use of a so - called "gravimetric variable", which transforms "% Cu" right into "% Cu (NO 3 ) 2 ". Given that both have the very same quantity of copper on a molar basis, increasing the percent Américo obtained with an ideal gravimetric variable will certainly offer you the percent by weight of copper nitrate in the ore.

2019-05-21 07:16:47