VPN from a Remote Desktop Session

Here is what I would certainly such as to do: I have a multi - display workstation (Vista) in the house. I additionally have a job laptop computer (XP) with Cisco VPN customer I intend to connect with the job laptop computer as a window in contrast to simply offering it an entire display (and also key-board and also computer mouse of its very own).

I would certainly such as to remote - desktop computer right into the laptop computer and afterwards connect the VPN to function, yet certainly when I connect the VPN the remote desktop session obtains shut.

Just how can I make this job? Keep in mind the residence workstation can not connect to persuade the VPN. It can just be the laptop computer to make sure that is not an alternative.

2019-05-18 22:59:42
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So your trouble to address is just how to enable LAN accessibility while the VPN mindful your Laptop.

You need to permit this on the web server side (VPN server/concentrator.). There is an "allow local LAN access" alternative (split tunneling) you need to enable. This setup overwrites the VPN customer setup.

There is a related (closed) question on Stack Overflow. The solution states a different VPN customer in instance your sysadmin does not intend to enable split tunneling.

2019-05-21 07:25:24