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I'm concerning to install wine on my new ubuntu 10.10 installment, nonetheless I can not determaine if I need to install Wine or PlayOnLinux. I've currently read over the adhering to web page, nonetheless the distinctions are not really clear and also I do not recognize if I simply need to install Wine or both or simply PlayOnLinux.

Additionally could a person inform me if PlayOnLinux is an add - on for Wine or otherwise? If it is after that it would absolutely clear a whole lot for me. And also do I require winetricks?

2019-05-18 23:02:27
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I directly make use of POL specifically.

Imho there is no demand for making use of Wine along with POL. POL supplies a means of by hand including software program that is not yet sustained by POL - Scripts (the installment manuscripts that need to do the arrangement of the installment procedure for every single software program independently) and also you have actually several devices constructed in like the computer system registry editor for editing and enhancing the computer system registry values of any kind of mounted software program, winetricks and also much more.

Yet one of the most vital ease for me is the opportunity to merely switch over beetween mounted wine variations (claim you mounted 4 applications with 4 various wine variations in 4 various prefixes (well, you didin't - the POL manuscripts did) after that you can switch over the wine variation for any kind of application to "system" (making use of system default) to any kind of various other variation that was made use of prior to by POL). This is actually hassle-free.

I do not see any kind of factor for making use of simple wine along with POL.

my 2c, piedro

2019-12-02 00:10:16

You need to install Wine along with PlayOnLinux so if something does not function, you can attempt PlayOnLinux and also see if you can get it to function.

2019-12-01 23:48:48

PlayOnLinux is an intriguing task readied to get over several of the concern that Wine Development has. Given that sustaining Windows applications isn't a scientific research, one Windows application might function faultlessly in Wine 0.9.1 yet come to be obsolete in 0.9.2 as a result of an upgrade in Wine to make an additional program job. There is commonly additionally a great deal of tweaks that require to be made to make programs that aren't Platinum standing job effectively. PlayOnLinux addresses all that by establishing specific Wine variations and also Prefixes for each and every video game - making use of the most effective variation of wine, and also using all the tweaks, that make it function as best as feasible.

Basically, you can absolutely install POL and also Wine side - by - side with no problems. Things that aren't in the POL collection will certainly simply be mounted making use of whatever Wine setting you have arrangement.

2019-05-21 07:35:18