Gmail hacked, no IP signals

Recently my Gmail was hacked - I was instantly authorized out of Gtalk and also my password no more functioned.

I had the ability to reset my password by following my secret question/answer. When I visited once more, I examined the IP security display and also just my IP has actually attached lately. I'm 99% favorable I recognize the identity/e - mail of the individual that hacked my account - a close friend of a person I was talking with that came to be dismayed at me for talking with their close friend way too much.

I have actually never ever talked with he or she or GChat.

What security susceptabilities does Google, or Gtalk have that would certainly admit to transform my password? And also can I report this to Google - I could not locate a kind on their internet site.

Please note I am not curious about "hacking back" or anything like that.

2019-05-18 23:02:57
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Answers: 2

It was possibly simply a web server mistake at Google and also you are being paranoid.

2019-05-21 08:51:12

It can additionally be a trojan remaining on your computer system. It in theory can transform your google password, so simply to be secure, examine your COMPUTER for infections.

Yet I concur with jason below, more than likely, this was simply a google mistake. =)

2019-05-21 08:50:50