Port matching as a Windows solution

Is any person accustomed to a port matching or port translation device for Windows (2k8 if it makes a distinction)? I have an installation of Openfire that requires to run over 443, nonetheless, it does not sustain customer links on that particular port (presently gets on port 5222). Presently the firewall program is managing this port translation, nonetheless, this does not benefit inner customers as DNS is sharp to a neighborhood address and also not the firewall program.

2019-05-18 23:07:02
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You can attempt socat under cygwin, it is a "swiss military knife" like netcat, yet benefits bidrectional links :


one instance from the male - web page :

socat -d -d -lmlocal2 \
TCP4-LISTEN:80,bind=myaddr1,su=nobody,fork,range=,reuseaddr \

TCP port forwarder, each side bound to an additional neighborhood IP address (bind). This instance takes care of a virtually approximate variety of parallel or successive links by fork' ing a new procedure after each approve (). It gives a little protection by su'ing to customer no one after forking ; it just allows links from the exclusive 10 network (array) ; as a result of reuseaddr, it permits prompt reactivate after master procedure is discontinuation, also if some youngster outlets are not entirely shut down. With - lmlocal2, socat logs to stderr till efficiently getting to the approve loop. More logging is routed to syslog with center local2.

2019-12-02 00:01:17

You can make use of rinetd which is a comparable remedy to that of the various other solutions, or you can run Openfire as a manager which will certainly permit it to pay attention on ports < 1024, such as 443, with no port matching.

2019-12-01 20:24:18

If you do not mind having your XMPP sessions encrypted (and also why would certainly you ?!) you need to have the ability to make use of stunnel to proxy in between both ports.

There are Windows binaries readily available, although I do not recognize if it can run as a solution "out of package".

2019-05-21 08:12:39

I am not exactly sure if this functions making use of the very same neighborhood IP address as remote adress, yet you can attempt this free device: RelayTCP

RelayTCP permits to reroute TCP/IP links from a neighborhood port to a remote IP and also port.

There is 2 variations of the software program:

  • RelayTCP command line: is a command line executable to make one outlet redirection.
  • RelayTCP solution: is a NT solution that permits make numerous redirections.
2019-05-21 08:10:42