Choosing the documents system to make use of with LVM

Since I learnt about LVM I have actually been offering extra believed to the process for picking the documents system for my future installs.

Generally I would certainly constantly pick whatever default alternative the distro would certainly supply me for my dividings. Which functions penalty when we are speaking about simply a straightforward desktop computer.

If you are intending to arrangement an equipment for some sort of web server, just how do you review your choices? I'm intending on never ever mounting a system without LVM once more.

Would certainly it restrict at all the alternatives for documents systems that I could pick from? And also, if you are doing LVM, would certainly it matter for you if you pick ext2, ext3, ext4, given that the maximum dividing dimension is specified by your sensible quantity, not a real physical dividing?

2019-05-18 23:10:29
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LVM does not limit what filesystems can be placed on top of it. (It does not recognize or care.)

If you are picking in between ext2, ext3, and also ext4, the maximum dividing dimension isn't the major problem, unless certainly you require to surpass the restrictions of the earlier variations, in which instance the selection is required.

2019-05-21 08:03:38

One point to take into consideration is whether the filesystem sustains resizing (expanding and also reducing), given that LVM allows you resize sensible dividings. ext3/ 4 sustains resizing, as does btrfs. I've never ever attempted, yet the documents claims that XFS can be resized too.

2019-05-21 08:00:58