USB sound tool not identified

I have a USB sound tool that made use of to function when I ran various other variations of Ubuntu. Currently I can just partly see the tool. I have actually attempted several points I saw in Google searches, yet none address my trouble.

cat /proc/asound/cards sees the tool as card 0

  • aplay - l reveals C - Media USB Audio as card 0
  • alsamixer sees the tool
  • asoundconf checklist does disappoint the tool
  • sound choices reveals no equipment
  • asoundconf - gtk set the tool to pulseaudio, yet falls short with python mistakes finishing in ValueError: too many values to unpack in the function set_default_card. I assume this is the source of my trouble.

The tool is a Sony digital phones cordless earphone amplifier.

2019-05-18 23:11:58
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2019-05-31 07:02:28