Windows can not access the documents gpt.ini for GPO CN = 31B2F340 - 016D - 11D2 - 945F - 00C04FB984F9

I'm in the center of a "swing" migration from Windows SBS 2003 to Server 2003 Standard.

It is going all right until now yet we are obtaining occasion 1058 on customer equipments:

Windows can not access the documents gpt.ini for GPO CN = 31B2F340 - 016D - 11D2 - 945F - 00C04FB984F9 , CN = Policies, CN = System, DC = Edgebyte, DC = neighborhood. The documents has to exist at the area . (The system can not locate the course defined. ). Group Policy handling terminated.

Logon functions great yet no team plans are being used anywhere.

Recalling at the initial SBS box, if you enter into Group Policy Management you get "documents not located" messages whenever you attempt to appropriate click a GPO and also click Edit. I believe this has actually been made a long period of time (component of the factor of the migration is to change the equipment, which is suspicious).

We uncommitted concerning maintaining any one of the team plans (there aren't that several anyhow) - so I simply require to recognize just how to remove all the team plans from Server 2003 criterion, and also restore the materials of the Policies folder in sysvol, so we can start once more with a fresh start.

Any kind of takers?


2019-05-18 23:12:15
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Problems with Swing Migration generally focus around ADVERTISEMENT duplication and also the NTFRS solution not functioning appropriately. On a SBS web server, which is commonly stand - alone and also does not reproduce anything, these troubles can go undetected for a long period of time with basically no unwell result - till you add an additional domain name controller right into the network after that the synchronization concerns instantly enter into sharp alleviation. Examine the occasion log for any kind of troubles with NTFRS, you require to quest them down and also remove them all, or you will certainly never ever have the ability to turn.

As soon as NTFRS is functioning, I would certainly attempt to make use of the Group Policy Management Console on the initial SBS web server to delete the plans. After that reproduce ADVERTISEMENT with the plans currently removed to your new web server. It is no excellent attempting to simply delete the files, the things require to be gotten rid of from Active Directory. Jeff Middleton at SBS Migration is a fellow SBS MVP and also he is great at ironing out these troubles, he is seen a lot of them in the past. Utilize your consisted of assistance cases or acquire some extra, it'll be loan well invested.

2019-05-21 07:54:32