I can not locate dofollow or nofollow in my blog site

I have a blog which I intend to manage - adhere to yet I am incapable to locate any kind of area to transform nofollow to dofollow please aid me the html code is here.

2019-05-18 23:13:06
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Looks like Blogspot/Blogger, so you will not have the ability to get deep sufficient right into the code to transform it. Links are possibly disrobed by the web server, like the majority of blog site software program will certainly do. Creating a Javascript function to remove out nofollow features after the web page lots would certainly be very easy, yet meaningless given that searchbots will not see.

2019-05-21 08:54:24

Like @tamdamson claimed, I additionally assume you can not get deep sufficient to transform that.

If you take notice of the code you uploaded, will certainly see that it isn't HTML+CSS. It is a XSLT stylesheet, ie, a XML record.

The benefit of making use of that sort of record is: you can proclaim rep regulations, and also cover fragments (layouts) right into various other documents.

Can you locate also the post code in the code you sent out? No. You locate a phone call to a widget (a documents with regulations for handling post). You can transform it entering into Design setting and also editing and enhancing the post widget.

Remarks are an additional widget called within post. Yet you do not have accessibility to this set AFAIK. Hence you can not transform the nofollow to adhere to.

2019-05-21 08:50:13