#! in URL: Is there any kind of quality to making use of the ball of wax (#!) in URL if there is no AJAX - crammed web content, yet or else vibrant web page generation?

Exists any kind of factor, perhaps SEO relevant, to making use of the shebang (also known as "hashbang") in revised URLs on a vibrant website, yet one that does not make use of AJAX?

2019-05-18 23:17:32
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Yes, yet just gave that the web content you present is not component of the HTML resource returned.

If, as an example, you had 3 divs standing for tabs and also you show/hide them on clicking a tab, after that you need to not make use of #! due to the fact that the web content is currently in the HTML. You would not have the ability to return a various web page on the "ran away piece" URL.

If you are creating HTML on - the - fly, after that you can make use of the #! to bring the customer back to the specific state they went to.

2019-05-21 09:30:05

It depends a little bit on what you suggest with "vibrant web page generation."

If you are dynamically creating your web pages on the web server side (eg. a PHP manuscript) and also sending them to all customers in this way, after that you would not require to in addition add the #! to the URLs, given that the web content does not get assembled by the customer (it is currently sent out in this way by the web server).

If you are dynamically creating your web pages on the customer side (making use of JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, etc), and also you have the ability to offer a duplicate created on the web server side, after that making use of the AJAX-crawling strategies could make good sense. If you are unable to create a duplicate of the web pages on the web server side (and also not intending on including that capability), after that there would certainly be no benefit by utilizing #! in your URLs (contrasted to simply making use of # ).

2019-05-21 09:27:48

If I obtained you right, you are not creating web server - side web content. Well, the hashbang is planned to be made use of neighborhood.

It has absolutely nothing to do with web server. I suggest, hashbang and also past in URL isn't sent out to web server by internet browser. It is made use of by internet browser to be settled in your area.

Its first recognize usage, AFAIK, was with called supports. Yet with javascript, you can utilize them to present web page with a boosted format, without injuring access, like in a tabbed food selection or a couple of - actions procedure index as an example.

2019-05-21 09:20:42