Switch Hosts With Gmail Account Attached

I am moving a customer from their old host to my new one. Their domain name - based gmail/apps account was attached to their old host, so when I transformed the domain name is name web servers to the new host, normally the gmail account quit working.

So I included the 7 MX documents tho the new host is DNS and also validated I possess the domain name on the new host is FTP yet the email still isn't functioning. Exists something I'm missing out on?

I included the MX documents to the new host concerning 2 hrs earlier, is it feasible it simply takes longer than that? Additionally, outward bound mail appears to function. Participants of the domain name can not receive email though, simply returns a mistake.

Many thanks, Wade

2019-05-18 23:18:59
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Answers: 2

It can occupy to 48 hrs for dns setups to transfer/become proper. Really did not you read the cautions on both your host and also google?

2019-05-21 09:31:01

Officially it occupies to 48 hrs to circulate throughout the globe, but also for me adjustments have actually never ever taken greater than 6 hrs.

If it is still not functioning currently, you need to consider whether you made any kind of blunders establishing the DNS documents. You can additionally attempt these solutions to see to it it is functioning from various other areas:

2019-05-21 09:24:37