How to Configure Fluxbox food selection?

Just how do you change the default Fluxbox food selection?

2019-05-18 23:19:26
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From the manual page:

fluxbox mounts a default food selection documents in @pkgdatadir @/ food selection. You can additionally make use of fluxbox - i to validate this activity. Certainly this system - vast food selection can be tailored for all customers simultaneously, yet it is additionally feasible to create a specific food selection apply for each customer. By convention, customers create a food selection documents in ~/. fluxbox/menu. As soon as you've developed your very own food selection documents, you'll intend to see to it that you effectively proclaim this area in your 'init' documents to make sure that fluxbox recognizes where to look. The value you'll intend to add or transform is:


For this adjustment to work, fluxbox has to be reactivated. Make certain that your food selection is useful, after that pick 'Restart' from the default fluxbox origin food selection. This reactivate is just essential if you make adjustments to the 'init' documents ; or else, fluxbox will instantly identify your adjustments.

See additionally this wiki access: Editing the menu

2019-05-21 08:56:39

To set up fluxbox food selection, you require to modify the ~/. fluxbox/menu documents.

This documents is simply a message documents, so you can modify it with any kind of full-screen editor. The fluxbox documentation clarifies the syntax of this documents:

The Fluxbox food selection is simply a message documents that permits you to make subfolders, launch applications, control work spaces, set up fluxbox, and also exit X. The food selection can take the adhering to commands:

[begin] (MenuTitle)

[submenu]  (SubMenuName) {SubMenuTitle}

[exec] (ApplicationName) {/path/to/program}

[include] (/path/to/meufile)


[nop] (--------)

[workspaces] (SubMenuName)

[stylesdir] (/path/to/stylesdir)

[config] (FluxboxConfiguration)

[reconfigure] (Reconfigure)

[restart] (Restart)

[exit] (Exit)

Most of this needs to be rather self informative regarding what it does. The italicized things > are words that in fact show up on your screen. I will certainly clarify the tougher to recognize things better.

[nop ] - This permits you to place message or a vacant line if you desire that will certainly not execute anything yet simply work as a seperator in your food selection.

[reconfigure ] - If you make use of the food selection to transform your fluxbox configuration, the adjustments will certainly not remain after you exit fluxbox. They require to be contacted the init documents to be irreversible adjustments and also can be done by striking reconfigure after you've made adjustments you desire.

[reactivate ] - I simply intend to see to it that every person recognizes reactivate just reactivates fluxbox, and also not your entire system.

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