Adding 'Last Modification Date' to HTML web pages

I have an individual internet site that has about 4 - 5 HTML web pages that I change on a neighborhood editor (Kompozer) and afterwards post it to my internet site working on Apache.

I have actually seen sometimes, web pages have the footer as: 'Last changed day:' or something similar to this, the day when the web page was last upgraded.

Just how do I do the very same for a HTML web page? Is it feasible?

2019-05-18 23:20:24
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If making use of PHP, simply add this string in your HTML web pages:

<?php echo "Page last modified: " . date ("F d Y H:i:s.", filemtime(__FILE__)); ?>
2019-05-21 10:07:32

What editor are you making use of to modify the web page? Several WYSIWYG editors (along with some message - based ones) permit you to insert instantly - upgraded time/date areas. If you do not intend to make use of PHP or a few other web server - side language, after that this would certainly be the most convenient means to do it. As an example, in DreamWeaver, you simply click the "Insert Date" switch and also examine the "Update instantly on conserve" box.

Though if you are not also terrified of shows and also you want construct internet sites properly, I would very advise you simply find out a web server - side scripting language like PHP/Python/Ruby/ JSP/ASP/etc

2019-05-21 10:05:22

If you intend to maintain it as an HTML web page without web server side scripting, you can make use of Javascript to get the day last changed.

Instructions here


W3Schools (I recognize not constantly one of the most trusted resource, yet worth a seek this) has this to say

2019-05-21 08:08:59