Autostart of the xserver at start up when the display is unplugged

I was running Xubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron". I set up the vnc by including vino - server to the autostarted application. I accessing the display screen just using VNC, so I got rid of the display and also ir functioned penalty.

When I update to 10.04 "Lucid Lynx", I was incapable to connect. I obtain back the display and also I connect it. I was seeing absolutely nothing so I do a reactivate by ssh. When it reactivate, I had the ability to vnc without a concern. I got rid of the display and also functioned like that for a couple of week, yet when I mounted some upgrade, I required to reactivate. After the reactivate, the vnc is not readily available. When I to a ps - aux by ssh, the xserver does not appear to be running.

Just how could I inform xubuntu 10.04 to instantly start the xserver when no display is plug, equally as 8.04?

Many thanks

2019-05-18 23:24:44
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Replace xorg.conf in/ etc/X11 by the documents in:

Edit/ boot/grub/menu. lst to add" nomodeset" to the line start with "# kopt = ", after that run sudo upgrade - grub. The # need to remain at the start of the line. (see

Thanks to JanC for it is aid. If I could, I would certainly modify it is solution.

2019-05-30 20:09:56

You could attempt the adhering to remedy:

It could additionally serve to make use of an additional vehicle driver as opposed to 'vesa' in the config (yet OTOH, when made use of with VNC you have no actual hardware velocity anyhow) or to transform the resolution if you favor that.

If you do not have an/ etc/default/grub documents, you are possibly still making use of "heritage" grub (also known as "grub 1"). Because instance you will certainly need to modify/ boot/grub/menu. lst and also transform the line beginning with "# defoptions =" to include nomodeset.

After including nomodeset to any one of those documents, you need to additionally run sudo update-grub (I see that is not stated because discussion forum blog post).

2019-05-21 02:34:26