Is it feasible to create an advertisement - hoc wi - fi link?

I can not connect my Ubuntu customer on a Wi - Fi advertisement - hoc link. I attempted Windows XP and also 7 on server, no success. I can not make use of Linux on server, just Windows. Many thanks. Realtek RTL8187B.

2019-05-18 23:26:47
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Have you validated that the vehicle drivers for your wireless card are effectively mounted and also functioning?

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2019-05-21 08:45:46

I have actually set up an impromptu wireless link in between a xp equipment and also an ubuntu. Below is what I did:

  1. On ubuntu in "modify network links - > wireless", I clicked "add" and also I offered network name "ubuntu" and also picked "advertisement - hoc" link and also offered a fixed ip and also waited. I reactivated wireless by appropriate clicking network indication in the system tray and also checking off "wireless" and also ticking it on once more.
  2. On xp first you require to offer a fixed ip for wireless LAN. I activated wireless in xp and also it identified the "ubuntu" network. If it does not function, create a network of the very same name "ubuntu" on xp, and also attempt if it functions.
  3. It takes a min or 2 on xp to connect to ubuntu after the discovery or option of "ubuntu" network. I have actually attached numerous computer having both ubuntu and also xp simultaniously.
  4. Yet also I am encountering a concern. Xp will not permit ubuntu computer to access any kind of home windows solutions, also I could not sound xp from an ubuntu equipment. Yet ubuntu will certainly permit accessibility to all its solutions for xp equipments.
2019-05-21 02:44:11