Web application for aesthetic contrast of geographical locations?

Does any person recognize an internet application (like a Google Maps Mashup) that permits placing maps or city/area lays out on top of each various other to get a sensation for the location is measurements?

Claim, you need to know just how New York is. You drag & go down a synopsis of your residence city in addition to a NY map, which can aid get a sensation for the city is measurements better than numbers.

I located an internet log access that highlights what I would love to view as an application of some type. The true size of Africa

2019-05-18 23:28:45
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This Google Maps mashup allows you see a synopsis of one component of the globe superimposed on an additional component of the globe. As an example, you can illustration a synopsis of California in the Reference Map listed below, and afterwards overlay the synopsis over Japan in the Comparison Map. Whatever you reel in the leading map remains focused in the lower map.

Hope this aids.

2019-05-31 02:20:26