Using/ etc/hosts or iptables to reroute website to https:// variation

I would certainly such as to have my system instantly take me to also if I place right into my internet browser. I can get /etc/hosts to reroute to me to various domain names, yet it appears to overlook it if I placed https:// right into it.

This functions, and also it reroutes to

This does not

My hunch is that you can not make use of message in all in the component where the IP is, yet just how do I compel it to make use of https? Is this feasible in iptables?

2019-05-18 23:29:18
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No, it is not feasible making use of iptables.

If you utilized it to reroute port 80 to port 443, your internet browser would certainly still talk with it making use of http as opposed to https, and also all you would certainly get is waste.

Possibly something making use of a Squid proxy would certainly function. You can make it a clear proxy if you can not transform every person is proxy setups.

Or, if it is simply for Facebook, there is a new per-user setting to force HTTPS that could benefit you when it is turned out.

Or, if you are making use of Firefox, look into HTTPS Everywhere.

2019-05-21 10:06:59