Fastest RDP customer on linux

I presently make use of KRDC on CentOS, yet computer mouse reminder is a little slow-moving and also I'm certain that this is not brought on by my net line rate, due to the fact that the home windows RDP customer jobs and also every little thing is great. Which RDP customer is the fastest on CentOS (or any kind of various other Linux OS)?

2019-05-18 23:29:46
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I've required to making use of Remmina Install remmina recently. I utilize it primarily due to the fact that it takes care of a checklist of hosts and also their setups fairly perfectly, and also can set up an SSH passage instantly. It does VNC also.

I have not had performance troubles with RDP as a whole however, and also have not made use of KRDC, so I could not claim it would always be any kind of various from that perspective.

I do not recognize if Remmina is readily available in CentOS is repository.

2019-05-21 11:01:35

OK, we located the trouble.

It appears that rdp customer have some problem with Win7, so we attempt KRDC on others OS (CentOS, Ubuntu and also XP) and also it functioned wonderful ...

Conclusion: The trouble is not with the RDP Client, yet on the system on which we intend to connect ...

2019-05-21 08:44:15

I can not talk about performance/speed of numerous RDP customers. Nonetheless I lately found the FreeRDP task that defines itself as adheres to:

FreeRDP is a fork of the rdesktop task that plans to swiftly start moving on and also implement attributes that rdesktop does not have one of the most.

I've not make use of KRDC yet I have actually made use of both rdesktop and also xfreerdp customers from the command - line on Ubuntu 10.10 and also they are both useful. xfreerdp approves the very same -x alternative as @gnud states which alternative is most likely to make the largest distinction in performance.

2019-05-21 08:42:40

KRCD and also I believe all various other Linux RDC customers make use of rdesktop under the hood.

I would certainly urge you to have fun with the setups of rdesktop, I myself have actually utilized it with no rate concerns. It is really feasible that your home windows RDP link makes use of various alternatives, specifically the -x parameter to rdesktop:

Changes default bandwidth performance behaviour for RDP5. By default only
theming is enabled, and all other options are disabled (corresponding
to modem (56 Kbps)). Setting experience to b[roadband] enables menu
animations and full window dragging. Setting experience to l[an] will
also enable the desktop wallpaper. Setting experience to m[odem]
disables all (including themes). Experience can also be a hexidecimal
number containing the flags.
2019-05-21 08:36:01