How promptly does the incentive swimming pool re-fill?

In SC2, just how quickly do my incentive swimming pool factors re-fill? I have ultimately used my swimming pool to 0. Does any person recognize if it is simply time that re-fills them or another thing?

2019-05-18 23:31:58
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According to initial study by our close friends at teamliquid:

The Bonus Pool builds up at a price of 1 factor per 2 hrs, whether the gamer or group is energetic or otherwise. The Bonus Pool additionally starts constructing based upon when the ladder period started. That is, if Player A was positioned right into a department and also began with a Bonus Pool of 100, after that 24 hrs later on Player B positioned right into a new department, Player B is Bonus Pool would certainly be 112.

This suggests it does not matter when you sign up with the ladder your incentive swimming pool will certainly be as if you signed up with at the beginning of the period.

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