How to eliminate Brayko in Alpha Protocol

I'm locating it really hard to survive the Brayko employer battle in Alpha Protocol. Approximately that factor I 'd just been passing away as soon as every couple of goals, yet I've passed away concerning 5 or 6 times attempting to surpass Brayko.

I've been using very easy due to the fact that ;

  • I was attempting to prevent this sort of worry, and also
  • I'm not all that efficient shooters so I was fairly shocked to run in to this sort of block wall surface.

I've struck him with explosives, incendiary bombs and also thousands of attack rifle rounds, yet absolutely nothing appears to stop him.

What method should I make use of to eliminate him? Exists something that I'm missing out on?

2019-05-18 23:33:51
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Answers: 1

This video walkthrough (caution, some NSFW discussion!) advises that you:

  • Do not battle him throughout his colad up stage, as he reclaims all his shield
  • Run away and also get him tired in contrast to going weapon - ho
  • Conserve wellness tablets meticulously

Good good luck!

2019-05-21 09:36:13