Was World of Warcraft gold goes down nerfed while I had not been looking?

It has actually been a long, lengthy time given that I last played World of Warcraft. When rapid land places were 1000 gold training and also You needed to "take one's life in one's hands" as we called it in my previous guild to get in between Night Elf beginning lands et cetera of the partnership beginning lands ...

Basically, back prior to Burning Crusade had actually also been launched. Yet that suffices thinking back in the meantime.

My inquiry is this: Was the cash decline price nerfed ever since? I understand points transform with time. Specifically throughout virtually 3 developments currently ... But I appear to remember having the ability to drop to Silithis, running simply west of community, and also eliminating the humanoid adversaries there for anywhere from 1 to 5 gold each. I simply returned there to accumulate a little loan (I offered all my gold away prior to I give up last time), and also was fairly let down by the outcomes.

So, was it nerfed ever since, or is my memory simply being hopeful?

2019-05-18 23:34:26
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Small improvement: while the various other solutions are appropriate that loan prices have actually not transformed usually, there have actually been numerous instances where details crowds had their financial declines nerfed after adjustments to the degree cap ruined the equilibrium in between threat and also incentive.

As an example, the initial degree 60 variation of Onyxia initially went down around 180 gold, yet this was transformed to 50 a lot later on when she had actually come to be soloable. In a similar way, the the Ghostly Philanthropists in Karazhan went down ~ 12 gold when the web content was existing, today go down no gold in all. This often tends to take place at any time obsolete web content comes to be a target for high degree gamers due to the fact that the incentives beat the trouble, so the very same point can absolutely have actually taken place to the crowds the questioner is inquiring about.

2019-05-21 21:05:59

I do not assume loan prices have actually been nerfed as a whole. Although, I assume some crowds in numerous areas (consisting of Silithus) have actually been made non - elite, when they were officially elite, and also thus, their decline values have actually possibly been decreased. It does rely on which crowds you are describing, and also I assume that, essentially, points coincide.

2019-05-21 10:11:36

Not sure this is what took place:

When you go to the exp cap (made use of to be level 60, after that 70 currently it is 80 and also 'quickly' 85, you would certainly be granted gold as opposed to exp.

Is your char at degree 80, or are you lower?


  • I stand dealt with (see remarks) pursuits offer gold, not exp, when you go to the existing max degree.
  • Beast (declines) remain the very same.
2019-05-21 09:31:27