Is there any kind of means I can entirely hide anchors while working with a made best use of window

I make use of docky and also GLX cairo dock, I actually enjoy dock yet one point that actually maintains me from making use of dock is the reality that none of these offer you the alternative to entirely hide them while you an alternative to hide them entirely while you are working with a made best use of window, so it obtains aggravating when you intend to click somwhere and also your computer mouse floats over the dock location and also dock turns up.

Exists any kind of means I can entirely hide these anchors while working with a made best use of window.I bear in mind rocket dock on home windows can do this by default. And also what concerning the dock in Mac, is it the very same?

2019-05-18 23:34:43
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  • Open Docky Configuration Window. (right click Docky on Docky food selection bar. click setups)
  • Chose "Window Dodge" in combination box in "Hiding" alternative.
2019-05-31 12:50:53

If you suggest fullscreen windows (like media gamers, video games, etc) after that I'm worried there is no other way for it to function like in Windows. From what I have actually read there is no other way to programatically examine if a fullscreen application is running or otherwise. (Thus it is additionally difficult to have your IM standing most likely to inhabited when you start a fullscreen application)

The only remedy there would certainly be to have your dock constantly remain in history. Yet after that you might require to relocate a window far from its area to see the dock.

An additional suggestion is to start fullscreen applications like video games in an additional X - Display. In this way your dock or libnotify messages will not turn up and also enter your means. In addition you can stop your video game and also switch over back to your dektop to conversation or whatever ... this can be complicated generally due to the fact that the majority of video games restrict to simply Alt+Tab from it.

You can do that by mosting likely to an additional incurable i.e. Ctrl+Alt+F2 for the 2nd. And afterwards login and also type xinit -- myapp :1 where "myapp" need to be changed by the program you would certainly such as to start. The program begins currently in an additional x instance on display screen 1 (display screens start at:0). The instance will certainly be eliminated instantly when your program ends. To return to your Desktop press Ctrl+Alt+F7

2019-05-21 10:15:59