How do I end up all the goals in the Starcraft - 2 project?

I've seen that i still need to finish 4 normal goals out of the 26 in the project. Nonetheless, i have no suggestion just how to do it. When i press "Continue Campaign" there are no unplayed goals in the checklist. Additionally, i do not have any kind of conserves from previsou play, given that i re-installed my computer system recently. Exists any kind of means just how to reach those unplayed goals without playing the entire project once more?

Goals I missed out on:
Echoes of the future
Piercing the shadow
A scary turn
In utter darkness

2019-05-18 23:35:42
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It appears to me like you've missed out on the secret goal "Piercing the Shroud" and also the different selections on the Tosh/Nova Selendis/Hanson and also Warfield/Tychus goals. For the last 3 at the very least, you need to have the ability to finish the goals by mosting likely to the goal archive and also picking them from the food selection.

Conversely - - did you do all the readily available goals prior to mosting likely to Char? If you really did not you'll require to start a new project to end up those - - once you most likely to Char, you can not return and also do any kind of goals you might have missed out on.

It could be worth it to examine your "Wings of Liberty" Achievement progression and also checklist specifically which 4 goals you have yet to finish (The success that honor Warfield, Mengsk, and also uninfested Kerrigan pictures, for reference).

Edit: Okay, it resembles you missed out on the Zeratul Missions. After finishing "The Dig" there is a new thing in the Lab screen, in the lower left - hand edge that has "Crystal" or some such recognizing it. Clicking it will certainly allow you take 4 Zeratul goals. It resembles you just did the first.

2019-05-21 10:50:36