Can protoss counter mass marines outdoors?

I've been experimenting with the Hardcounter custom map to examine out device make-ups, yet I have not had the ability to locate a protoss pressure with equivalent source value that will certainly respond to 30 stimmed marines (this is also without medivacs) without capitalizing on pressure - fielding a choke.

With a choke, I compel - area that off after that either storm them or make use of titan with array upgrade to out - array them, yet without a choke they can conveniently run around the forcefield and also concentrate down the titans or HT's.

Speedlots remarkably antagonized an MMM round yet not versus pure marines.

Also counting gas as worth the like minerals I could not get a functioning counter to 30 stimmed marines that does not rely upon having a canal at my disposal.

2019-05-18 23:36:29
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So I really did not trouble to attempt greater than simply this, yet this will certainly benefit you:

  • 30 Marines vs 3 Colossus

With reasonably little mini (I just relocated the first Colossus back at 50% wellness) I had the ability to maintain all 3 Colossus active versus Marines with both Stim (which you need to make use of by hand) and also Combat Shield.

Edit: I additionally located

  • 4 Sentries and also 2 Templar suffice, yet that calls for extra mini
  • 1 Mothership and also 3 Templar (Vortex right into Storm)
2019-05-21 10:39:09

Marines do little damages (each). Get a mix of sentries, high templars and also titans. Fire pressure areas in advance of the aquatic military to obstruct them off (constantly functions ideal at canal), relocate sentries back and also have them cast Guardian Shield to lower the inbound damages to HT and also Colossi. Get the array upgrade for the Colossi and also placed them in the back. Psi Storm with HT. If you obtained the Hallucination upgrade for the sentries, cast it and also allow them take some damages. You will certainly have much much less devices, so the microing needs to be much less complicated for you. The various other gamer, subsequently, will certainly need to count a whole lot extra on CPU targeting. Unless you are playing TLO, certainly.

CONVERSELY, and also this could be high-risk, get a number of Dark Templars. IF (and also just if) your opponent does not trouble bringing a raven along, they will certainly cut and also dice them marines up prior to they recognized what struck them. Taking into consideration that he will certainly be investing great deals of minerals on devices, he will possibly invest his first gas in core activators as opposed to starports. A DT "thrill" is slow-moving and also high-risk, yet if you look him and also see marines acquiring, you can go all out. - > Pylon - > GW - > CC - > Pylon - > TA - > DS with probes and also a pair activists to hold an enter between. Ain't no specialist in BOs though.


2019-05-21 10:29:50