Inittab appears to overlook remount, rw/

I have an embedded system that boots off portable flash and also keeps up the initrd.img ramdisk placed as origin. When starting, it places the initrd photo ok in read just setting yet after that when inittab runs, it appears to miss over the first place command which is

null::sysinit:/bin/mount -o remount,rw /

I have/ etc/fstab arrangement with the proper alternatives regarding I recognize:

/dev/root    /    ext2    rw,noauto,noatime    1    1

The system after that procures me a command punctual and also I can after that login as origin and also type the place command which functions without a trouble.

In addition, this very same arrangement has actually worked with an apparently the same item of target equipment. The distinction is that I am developing the boot photo from my laptop computer as opposed to the common web server that we make use of. My laptop computer is running a more recent variation of grub which I make use of to make a bootloader for the photo. Probably I additionally have a more recent variation of genext2fs which is made use of to make the photo made use of as the ramdisk. The web server is running FC10 yet my laptop computer is making use of ubuntu so there has to be some distinctions that I'm forgeting which is influencing place or inittab. Could it be something to do with/ dev/null?

Why isn't the system remounting the ramdisk photo and also just how can I repair it?

2019-05-18 23:36:58
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Are you certain your circulation reviews /etc/inittab?

As an example, Ubuntu currently makes use of upstart, which makes use of a various set of arrangement documents.

An additional idea: placed an additional access in there that runs mount and also reroutes the result to a documents. That will certainly confirm if inittab is reading, and also if the filesystems remain in the predicted state at the time you are attempting to run the remount.

2019-05-21 08:59:45

I took care of to address my trouble making use of 2 actions:

The first was to remove the null at the beginning of the line in inittab which simply permits mistakes to be seen on the console. This disclosed that the mistake was to do with/ proc/mounts. I transformed inittab to make sure that the ::sysinit:/bin/mount -t proc /proc came over the remount,rw / things and also it is currently alright.

The enigma continues to be why the various other system boots anyhow with apparently the same binaries of the bit and also busybox - I'm still assuming that genext2fs have to set something up in different ways in my variation such that the mount -o remount,rw command enjoys to proceed without/ proc/mounts

2019-05-21 08:57:18