Final Fantasy 7: Have I shed Yuffie?

Following leaving the Golden Saucer (and also ending up the fight in the prison with Barret) I looked at the river heading in the direction of Cosmo Canyon and also located Yuffie in a woodland while riding in my buggy. After playing in the woodland and also experiencing the unique experience with her a couple of times (took place every 3 experiences) I obtained her to the factor where I asked her ahead with me. I pick the incorrect alternative by attempting to call her as opposed to claiming "allow is go", after that she went away and also claimed she had actually never ever join me.

Ever since I've attempted to get the experience once more in the woodland while in my buggy yet after greater than 30 attempts she hasn't turned up. Have I shed Yuffie for life? Exists an additional area I require to locate her currently?

2019-05-18 23:37:42
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You have not shed her for life, yet there are really details areas that she'll turn up ... if she isn't turning up in the one you've been experiencing her in, possibly attempt among the others?

Below is the wiki web page with the areas (it additionally offers the proper solutions):

2019-05-21 09:55:40