Where do the 3rd party statistics websites get their information?

Both sc2ranks.com and also rts - refuge give statistics on starcraft 2 positions. where do they get their information? is it an unique bargain they have with Blizzard, or are they accessing a public feed that Blizzard products, or are they scratching the battlenet internet site in some way?

UPDATE: After reviewing the blog post connected to in my comment, possibly a rephrase would certainly quell the masses: Allow me expression my inquiry as an inquiry concerning the attributes of StarCraft 2. "Does Starcraft II have an attribute or API through which a gamer can download and install information concerning suit backgrounds on their own and also others?" With any luck inquiries concerning the attributes of video games are taken into consideration on subject

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2019-05-18 23:39:00
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As mentioned on Starcraft 2 Rankings' FAQ page:

Blizzard does not give any kind of very easy to make use of checklist of gamers, we rely upon waterfall spidering via conserved gamers, by hand got in gamers and also spidering via Blizzard discussion forums to locate gamers.

If you do not see a personality, including them via the personality tab above will certainly queue them and also their department.

So they are merely scratching all the information Blizzard does provide, nonetheless little bit.

2019-05-21 09:01:33