How does factors estimation operate in Nation Red barriers?

For me is unclear just how the factors estimation operates in "Barricades" setting of Nation Red.

I stood up to 20 mins and also did 1800 frags, yet I obtained much less factors than the gamer that come prior to me on Steam ladder that stood up to 10 mins and also obtained 1000 frags.

2019-05-18 23:40:37
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There is a trouble slider you can readjust pre - video game which influences the variety of factors that are granted per kill. The slider goes from 0% - 100%: The slider degree establishes the percent of factors that are granted.

From this thread where the question is noted(albeit mistyped):

Ran 2 video games on Barricade stockroom for 5 minutes. One at 100% trouble and also the various other at 50% (default)

At 100% i racked up 21.5 million

At 50% i racked up 14.1 million

Both i had vehicle XP as first perk.

Hope this aids!


Okay, so, again from the Steam forums:

I can possibly presume what created that: the tweaking of the trouble degree and also the quantity of Xp you get per kill.

When Nation Red was launched a great deal of gamers claimed it was also very easy to accumulate rewards: The trouble degree was after that raised (in addition to new rewards, employers, tools, etc which certainly additionally influences racking up) so it came to be harder to defeat existing ratings.

Gamers really felt NR came to be a little bit also tough: the Xp per kill was raised.

So what you are seeing is some ratings attained with an 'older' variation of the video game and also some with the existing variation.

Ultimately the video game is frequently advancing with new tools, rewards, gamer courses, etc It is difficult to maintain the racking up flawlessly equivalent (some new employer might be a little bit harder than others, some new perk might be a little bit also effective, etc)

Resetting leaderboards is one solution yet I've attempted to stand up to doing this till no new perks/bosses/player classes/weapons, etc are included.

The next upgrade will certainly be a significant one with 3 - 4 gamer cage and also the last gamer courses. If a leaderboard reset is required, that might be the most effective time.

Having claimed that, if you intend to defeat existing ratings:

  • You get a whole lot extra Xp having fun on greater trouble than lower

  • You get even more Auto Experience (Perk) on greater than lower trouble

  • On greater trouble, zombies generate regularly = even more Xp.

So defeating existing ratings is really feasible yet possibly attempt not to explore the specific having fun times, etc when contrasting ratings.

With any luck this aids.

2019-05-21 09:09:57