How to stop application from being put on hold by Ctrl+z?

Presently I'm running dvtm inside an incurable, and also vim inside dvtm. When I push Ctrl+z planning to suspend vim, dvtm obtained put on hold rather. I really did not have this trouble with screen or tmux, so I assume it has to be dvtm doing glitch (or otherwise doing something right). Just how can I deal with that?

Update: I was incorrect, this is not a trouble with dvtm. Without a doubt I was making use of the dtach+dvtm combination and also mistakenly thought that dvtm was at mistake. The trouble is actually with dtach.

2019-05-18 23:41:09
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Update (new solution):

dtach has a -z alternative with the summary "Disable handling of the suspend key". Complex if you ask me, yet its result appears to be that the Ctrl+Z is travelled through to Vim as opposed to being captured by dtach.

Extra basic solution: a program like dtach or dvtm has virtually outright control over what obtains travelled through to whatever is running "within" of it. It resembles having an assistant take dictation - - you can claim what you like, yet the assistant regulates what in fact shows up on the paper. So if you desire completion program to receive the Ctrl+Z, you need to get every one of the center layers to coordinate, whether that be via command line alternatives or resource code editing and enhancing.

Aims to me similar to this is a bug in dvtm. From examination of the resource code, it is not capturing the SIGTSTP signal, which is what is sent out to your terminal is foreground application when you push Ctrl+z. Given that it is not capturing the signal clearly, it draws on default actions and also obtains put on hold. What dvtm requires to do is capture this signal and also pass it along to among its home windows.

2019-05-21 09:10:56