Does the incentive suit include added factors compensated?

Intend that I get 1000 factors as suit incentive.

Intend in free - for - all suit I get 1 head shot. It deserves 200 factors if my memory is excellent.

So, does the 1000 factors compensated include the head shot factors?

Did I get 1200 (1000+200) or 1000?

2019-05-18 23:42:04
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Answers: 2

Winning has to do with 50% of the suit incentive. Various other vital variables, if you put in the time do a complete multivariat regression is your K/D proportion, and also the variety of complete eliminates collected by your group.

2019-05-21 21:00:35

The Match Bonus (I'm assuming that is what you suggest) does not include factors obtained from headshots.

Nonetheless, obtaining headshots does affect your suit incentive. The major variable influencing it is whether you win, nonetheless.

2019-05-21 09:54:32