How to establish what your challenger depends on?

I'm a new gamer (rated reduced in the Bronze League).

Just how do you establish what your challenger approximately? I have problem maintaining my precursor probe active, yet assessing what I see is also a larger concern. Also if I look I have virtually no suggestion what the challenger is doing (with the exemption of cannon, or proxy hurries).

2019-05-18 23:43:07
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Work on developing a rather extensive checklist is taking place here.

2019-05-21 10:53:31

I breifly reviewed what key points you should seek in another post, yet I figure I will give an extra full solution below, damaged down by challenger is race:


Things to expect:

  • When does he construct his generating swimming pool? A very early Spawning swimming pool (eg after 10 Drones) can suggest a thrill or very early agression, where as a later spawning swimming pool (eg 14 Drones or after Hatch) is generally an extra Economic based play, and also you need to seek a development.
  • When does he get gas? Early gas (eg prior to the generating swimming pool) generally suggests speedlings, perhaps a fast Lair. If he obtains his gas right after his generating swimming pool, this might suggest some Roach play
  • When does he expand? Mostly all Zerg expand, yet if he does not you possibly considering some 1 base Muta play. If he does expand very early (eg at 16 drones or after Spawning Pool) generally this suggests extra Macrobased play seeking a financial benefit


Things to expect:

  • What does he construct after his first Gateway? If you see a 2nd portal, prepare yourself for a very early or timing push (generally 7 minute mark). If you see a Cybernetics Core, you may still remain in for a timing push or a Cheese
  • When does he get gas? A great deal of Protoss will certainly get their gas around the moment of the Cybernetics Core, yet if you see him obtaining both, that is a caution that he could be seeking Void Rays.
  • Where are all his structures? Protoss regularly such as to hide Dark Templar Shrine and also Stargate, so if you remain in his base and also you anticipate him to have even more "things," start asking on your own "is he proxying?"
  • Does he have a very early Forge? Early builds can be an indicator of cannon hurries, yet a somewhat postponed Forge can be the indicator of Proxy Gateways. In both instances you are mosting likely to need to comb the map.


Things to expect:

  • Where did he construct his first Barracks? If there is area for a technology laboratory, expect Marauders perhaps early Reapers.
  • Did he hurry a Factory? A great deal of Terran gamers will certainly go manufacturing facility right after their Barracks. This generally indicates Hellions or Mech play, though occasionally its component of a 1:1:1 construct
  • How much gas does he have? Like Protoss, a great deal of Terran will certainly take a gas after their Barracks, to make sure that is not uncommon. Nonetheless, taking 2 Gas is uncommon and also you need to look out for it.

This is not an extensive checklist, simply several of the standard points to look out for.

2019-05-21 09:16:56