Where to install programs?

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What is the best place to install user apps?

I've downloaded and install a .tar.gz and also ran sudo sh install.sh. It is asking me where to install the program to. I do not desire it littering up my residence directory site, and also I desire it to be readily available in the applications food selection. Where should I place it? /usr/bin? /usr/local/bin? Or are those just for solitary binaries? This program intends to create a folder.

2019-05-18 23:45:51
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For all course - relevant inquiries, the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard is the clear-cut reference.

If the program requires to create a folder, after that /usr/local is the directory site of selection ; according to the FHS:

The /usr/local power structure is for usage by the system manager when mounting software program in your area.

Stay clear of positioning your neighborhood binaries straight under /usr, due to the fact that according to the FHS, that power structure is booked for the software program given by the Linux circulation (in this instance, Ubuntu).

Keep in mind that, positioning a binary in /usr/local/bin (or any kind of various other bin directory site) will certainly not create a food selection access ; for that you need to give a and also install it in the ideal directory site with the xdg-desktop-menu command.

2019-05-19 14:42:21

First of all which Application are you mounting? It is constantly better to install via the indigenous Package Management as the Package Manager will certainly take care of the area, updates, courses and also the launchers (faster ways) for you. Additionally updates would certainly be taken care of. You need to preferably look for the plan in the Software Center or Synaptic. PPAs can be made use of if the software program is not in the default repos.

Nonetheless if you ensure mounting this plan, usage /opt directory site, /opt/appname as an example. /opt would certainly appropriate for this sort of installs. Launchers might or might not be developed relying on the installer. You can create a launcher by hand if the installer does not create. You might additionally make use of $HOME/bin for placing all your applications.

2019-05-19 12:42:29

Usually you would certainly place it in /usr, binaries in /usr/bin if it is something larger it would certainly most likely to /opt.

2019-05-19 12:41:32