Simple instance of making use of Fedora alternatives to install old variation of make

Can any person aid me making use of the Fedora alternatives system in order to install an old variation of make? I recognize the real program is unnecessary, yet I require it so I'll utilize it as my instance.

I presently have actually make-3.82 mounted on my Fedora 14 box, yet I require to have actually 3.81 mounted to construct the android bit. I currently downloaded and install the 3.81 resource and also constructed it, today I intend to install it along with 3.82 and also have the ability to switch over in between them making use of Fedora alternatives.

Currently I mounted make-3.81 from resource right into /usr/local, just how would certainly I make use of alternatives to attain my objective? I recognize I have to make use of the alternatives command, yet until now my efforts have actually fallen short and also I would certainly such as a concrete instance.

2019-05-18 23:48:08
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  1. You require to 'different - ize' the initial make. Adjustment/ usr/bin/make and also/ usr/bin/gmake to/ usr/bin/make - 3.82 and also/ usr/bin/gmake - 3.82. Understand that it'll get surprised next time make is updated, due to the fact that Fedora does not make use of the alternatives for make.
  2. Create a choice for it. alternatives --install /usr/bin/make make /usr/bin/make-3.82 10 for make. I made use of 10 as the top priority to make it a lower top priority than the next action.
  3. Currently create a choice for your new make. alternatives --install /usr/bin/make make /usr/local/make-3.81/bin/make 20 (thinking you mounted it in/ usr/local/make - 3.81). notification I made use of a greater top priority, 20.
  4. Usage alternatives --display make to see what is being made use of.
2019-05-21 09:32:13