Does TwinView collaborate with Nvidia SLI?

This could be a rubbish inquiry for AskUbuntu yet I'm obtaining an equipment impulse and also I assume the most inexpensive means to relieve it is by chucking an additional Nvidia GTX 260 in my box and also strapping it to my existing one ...

But I make use of Twinview (that is 2 displays appearing my one card) revealing a solitary screen. I additionally make use of Compiz and also I additionally play video games, and also see video clip making use of VDPAU.

So prior to I invest ₤ 100 on an additional card, I would certainly such as to recognize what I'm obtaining myself in for. Does twinview collaborate with SLI? Does 3D efficiency increase as high as it carries out in Windows? Where is Wally? Should I simply neglect it in the meantime and also acquire a mid - array 5xx in a year approximately?

2019-05-18 23:49:07
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It need to work

NVidia is Linux vehicle drivers are usually fairly excellent. Their equipment is made use of in high - performance - calculating a whole lot, which is why Linux assistance (currently) is instead superb. Certainly you might also see lowered performance on some applications. Yet this isn't unique to Linux. Simply video game programmers on Windows doing an excellent work of optimizing for SLI.

Possibly someone that recognizes a little bit extra concerning equipment can suggest you whether the GTS 450 mightn't be a far better bargain. (Don't poke fun at me if that is ludicrous ...)

2019-12-01 18:33:09

Well I located this blog post:

And individuals there are rather much less than satisfied with SLI performance on Linux. Several of the blog posts are fairly current and also there is no indicator of performance being any far better than solitary - card setting.

I presume I'll maintain my eye on the vehicle driver launches to see if nvidia boost points.

2019-05-21 10:10:23