In Eve, do any kind of EW components or drones work with NPCs?

In Eve, ECM (Electronic Counter - Measures) components (like Jammers ), do not function on NPC pirates (as I as soon as figured out by hand). Yet considering EVEMon - it appears that ECM is a part of the EW group. And also there is a great deal of various EW (Electronic Warfare) sort of components, like Target Painters , etc

Do any kind of of these EW components work with NPCs? (Or the EW drones?) Or are NPCs simply unsusceptible to every little thing in the EW group?

2019-05-18 23:49:45
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Out of all the Electronic Warfare components, the Target Painter is the just one that actually works with NPCs, given that it simply raises their trademark.

The others do have a mild opportunity to work with rats yet NPCs tend to rip off when it involves EW, so it is generally ineffective.

2019-05-21 01:52:34