How can I get Movable Type 5 speculative plan?

I would certainly such as to install the movabletype - opensource plan for variation 5.0 I presently have actually Ubuntu 10.04 mounted. Just how do I install the speculative plan? Do I require to add a website to my apt resources?

2019-05-18 23:50:42
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Currently, variation 4.3.3 - 1 remains in the lucid/10.04 databases (4.3.4 - 1 remains in the maverick/10.10 and also natty/11.04 databases). Debian does not have any kind of 5.0 variations, and also a fast PPA search on Launchpad did not transform anything up either.

You can download and install the most up to date variation from the download page. The website additionally has an installation guide.

If you would certainly favor to install movabletype - opensource from a real deborah plan, you could be curious about this bug on the Debian BTS reporting that 5.0 is readily available upstream and also asking for and also upgraded plan or this Request For Help Bug.

2019-05-19 13:05:36