Cron with a 12 - hr concern?

I have a cron work that is taken care of via plesk. I'm being informed that it is being implemented two times in a day, as soon as at 5AM and also as soon as at 5PM, based upon the e-mail that is being obtained.

Below is the cron line:

0   4   *   *   *   wget

So clearly there is a daytime - financial savings concern ; that is not a trouble. Yet why is it running two times? I assumed that the hr specifier was a 24 - hr religion. Yet it appears to be going for both 4am and also 4pm server time.

Please keep in mind that I'm taking care of the cron work though a Plesk internet admin panel. I did some googling, yet I could not locate anything concerning Plesk cron pests or concerns.

What is taking place below?

2019-05-18 23:51:44
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Answers: 3

I do not see anything incorrect with your cron work as you define it. I would certainly recommend considering the syslogs of that system to see when cron runs that work. There need to be a log access every single time it runs.

2019-05-22 20:25:23

I see 2 opportunities:

  1. You are running really - really weird crond
  2. There is various other cronjob set up to 4pm (check international/ etc/crontab and also crontabs of various other customers, or any kind of directory sites with periodical work, like/ etc/periodic in FreeBSD)
2019-05-22 20:23:10

Comment out that line in your cron and also see if the work is still obtaining implemented. After that you'll recognize that it is set up by somebody else also.

2019-05-19 13:38:00