How to create deborah plan from Windows applications?

I intend to make a deborah documents from a Windows application which will certainly be kept up wine. just how do I make it?

As an instance, I make use of Ubuntu Christian Edition and also I locate the application Virtual Rosary is mounted by default.

My strategy: my application will certainly be placed in the folder /opt/*application-name*, and also for the 'launcher.desktop', the Exec argument will certainly bi loaded with:

Exec = wine/ decide/ application - name / application - name . exe

2019-05-18 23:53:23
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Yes, you can make that take place, yet it would certainly be a little bit hackish. Penalty for individual usage, yet it would certainly never ever get approved right into Ubuntu correct.

I'm not exactly sure concerning your degree of expertise concerning debian packaging, yet offering an entire packaging tutorial runs out extent for this. If you require more details, the Ubuntu Packaging Guide is an excellent area to start, and also certainly there is constantly the Debian New Maintainer's Guide.

Basically all you require to do is make use of dh_install to go down the documents in the appropriate area. So something similar to this in you debian/my_package_name.install documents:

application-name.exe          /opt/application-name/
application-name.desktop      /usr/share/applications/
2019-05-19 14:57:20

This is something I've directly trying out a couple of times, and also also made evidence of principle plans. There are additionally a couple of advertisement - hoc plans in the archive such as pq (Progress Quest), although none are specifically made complex.

I recommend you adhere to the requirements below: - - At the Developer Summit this month I want to systematize the means we do this, or perhaps create a device to do so, as I anticipate to have a horrible great deal of Windows plans in the tool term.

2019-05-19 13:47:22