Which is ideal for PageRank? When multi - Aliases indicate very same web server, with multi - language folders

Imagine scenario where numerous pen names indicate the very same web server, where htacces separates them right into their very own language folders.

mywebsite.fr >> /fr/home  
mywebsite.de >> /de/home  
mywebsite.it >> /it/home  
about seven more domains... 

Possible alternatives to keep in regards to SEO:

  1. Dont do anything, allow the various variations of residence remain on their very own pen names.

  2. Set an approved for each and every web page 1 and also the very same master link whatever pen names you go to, the approved reviews: website.com/fr/home website.com/it/home or website.com/de/home etc

  3. allow all domains irreversible redirect to understand link (website.com along with their language folders set. so
    website.fr >301> website.com/fr/home website.de >301> website.com/de/home etc.

  4. ([ please recommend & I will upgrade it below)

Questions that enter your mind: Which one is ideal for PageRank? Which one will concentrate the PageRank right into one domain name? Which one will create spread? Is Canonical made use of effectively for 2.? Many thanks! all remarks are valued substantially.

2019-05-18 23:55:46
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Answers: 2

None of the above. Public Relations is per web page , not per website or per directory site or URL framework, etc Each web page is Public Relations is established making use of the Public Relations formula which is based upon link appeal .

2019-05-21 09:52:24

They are all just as a negative strategy for constructing Public Relations.

The trouble is that each web page obtains it is very own Public Relations, which thins down the complete Public Relations provided to your website.

2019-05-21 09:45:32