How to create a Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 Unity VM under VirtualBox

I would certainly such as to run the new Unity user interface from Ubuntu 10.10 within a VirtualBox VM (host is Ubuntu 10.04). Is that feasible? Many thanks!

2019-05-18 23:58:15
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So, to address the title of this write-up :

"How to create a Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 Unity VM under VirtualBox"

You can not. The Unity user interface can not run in a VirtualBox visitor. You can, nonetheless, make use of the default gnome covering usual to the normal Ubuntu circulation - - yet that is not experimenting with UNR ...

2019-12-04 08:10:17

So you intend to aid examine the Ubuntu circulation that is tailor-maked especially for netbooks yet do not have a netbook to examine it on? That's not a trouble. What you require is a digital equipment and also an Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) photo.

Obtaining the photo STEP 1

Installing a Virtual Machine

sudo proper - get install virtualbox - ose

Setting up the Virtual Machine

Virtualbox - > New - > Next - >

Name: UbuntuNetbook

Operating System: Linux

Version: Ubuntu

- > Next - > Memory: Base memory dimension: 512 Megabytes

Note: Use the quantity of RAM for the digital equipment that you can manage. Linux calls for much less memory to run than does Windows, yet the quantity of RAM that you commit to the digital equipment in this action will certainly not be readily available to the Windows host. On my laptop computer, I have 3 Gb RAM, so I commit 1024 Megabytes (1 Gb) to the digital equipment in this action and also leave 2 Gb for Windows. You need to constantly leave at the very least 1 Gb RAM for Windows (or it will certainly run shateringly gradually). Linux has the ability to keep up just 512 Megabytes in web server setting or 1 Gb in desktop computer setting (probably also much less).

- > Next - > Virtual Hard Disk - >

Boot Hard Disk (Primary Master): (ticked)

Create new hard drive: (ticked)

- > Next - > Next - > Hard disk storage space type: Dynamically increasing storage space: (ticked)

- > Next - > Virtual Disk Location and also Size:

Once this is download you intend to see to it your digital equipment photo will certainly boot right into UNR when it first runs. To do this select the "Settings" symbol from the VirtualBox screen (first see to it you have actually picked your photo in the left - hand column).

What you exist with currently is a checklist of alternatives for your digital equipment photo. The one we want is CD/DVD - ROM. Select this alternative. and also select ISO and also locate where you download and install the UNR iso photo.


. yet there are 2 digital box If you want making use of VirtualBox - - either for exclusive or organisation make use of - -, you have the selection in between 2 variations:

  • The complete VirtualBox plan is readily available in binary (executable) create cost free from the Downloads web page. This variation is free for individual usage and also analysis under the regards to the VirtualBox Personal Use and also Evaluation License.

Shut - resource attributes

The list below checklist reveals the venture includes that are just existing in the shut - resource version. Keep in mind that this checklist might transform with time as several of these attributes will become provided with the open - resource variation too.

  1. Remote Display Protocol (RDP) Server

    This part applies a full RDP web server in addition to the digital equipment and also permits customers to connect to a digital equipment from another location making use of any kind of RDP suitable customer.

  2. USB assistance

    VirtualBox applies a digital USB controller and also sustains travelling through USB 1.1 and also USB 2.0 tools to digital equipments.

  3. SB over RDP

    This is a mix of the RDP web server and also USB assistance permitting customers to make USB tools readily available to digital equipments running from another location.

    • The VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE) is the one that has actually been launched under the GPL and also features full resource code. It is functionally equal fully VirtualBox plan, with the exception of a couple of attributes that largely target venture consumers. This offers us an opportunity to create earnings to money more growth of VirtualBox. trouble with this variation:

Open - resource attributes

The list below checklist reveals the attributes that are just existing outdoors - resource version. The licensing problems of the essential collections protect against incorporation in the complete - highlighted item.

  1. Digital Network Computing (VNC) Server

This part applies a full VNC web server in addition to the digital equipment and also permits customers to connect to a digital equipment from another location making use of any kind of VNC customer.

Install virtualbox no ose

follow this guideline:

2019-05-21 10:11:50

I mounted VirtualBox and also attempted the actions listed below and also it does not function. Examining programs that Unity makes use of OpenGL attributes that are not sustained by the 3D vehicle driver for VirtualBox visitors:

$ unity
OpenGL Warning: glXChooseFBConfigSGIX not implemented by Chromium
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Chromium is the collection that Virtualbox makes use of for its 3D assistance, and also evidently it lacks this attribute ...

It needs to be feasible to run Unity in an Ubuntu visitor inside VirtualBox gave that you enable 3D virtualization inside the digital equipment arrangement and also VirtualBox works on an equipment with OpenGL assistance.

I assume the most effective means to do it is to install the desktop computer version first, after that install:

  • the virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 plan (and also possibly the various other virtualbox - ose - visitor - * plans also).
  • the ubuntu-netbook plan (which will certainly see to it Unity and also every little thing it requires obtains mounted)

After a reboot of the visitor inside the digital equipment, you will certainly have the ability to select the "netbook session" from the login screen (after picking your customer, yet prior to entering your password).

This 2 - action procedure is required due to the fact that Unity calls for 3D graphics and also the vehicle drivers for the 3D virtualization are not mounted by default.

2019-05-21 09:51:47