How can I run a phony X server & link it to a details GPU?

On this page the last blog post states Xvfb as a means to run a phony Xserver.

Is it feasible to link this straight to a details card as if a display screen was affixed??

Specifically, I would certainly such as to overclock my gpus, yet except that (given that the Clock Frequencies tab will not make a look), I would certainly such as to at the very least crank up the follower to make sure that my CUDA bits can work on a cooler gpu. To do so within the vehicle driver structure, a display screen has to be affixed to the card. Yet if I do that, after that I can not set the card to "Compute Exclusive" mode.

Primarily, does any person recognize of a means to attach a counterfeit (software program based) present to a details gpu in Ubuntu?

2019-05-18 23:58:42
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You need to ask Nvidia for overclocking assistance outside the X vehicle driver (as an example because nvidia - smi device).

Making use of a graphics vehicle driver that is except your GPU is not valuable, as it does not recognize anything concerning the equipment, and also nvidia - setups just finds out about the nvidia vehicle driver.

2019-05-21 09:58:31