Server does not identify 2nd VirtualBox Adapter

I have actually mounted Ubuntu Server 10.04 as a visitor os under VirtualBox 3.2.10. My host system is Ubuntu 9.04

I have actually set up 2 network adapters for the hunch (a NAT one and also a host - just one)

The NAT one is identified without troubles by the visitor, yet in order to identify the host - just adapter I need to run sudo dhclient, hence making it difficult to run the visitor in brainless setting.

I'm certain I am neglecting something.

When i run ifconfig right after login I see 2 user interfaces ( eth0 and also lo ), after that after running sudo dhclient I see 3 user interfaces ( eth0 , eth1 and also lo )

So the inquiry is: How can I make ubuntu to get the IP from the 2nd adapter at boot time in order to be with the ability of running brainless and also accessing it using ssh?

2019-05-18 23:58:53
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have you obtained the user interface set up in /etc/network/interfaces? otherwise add the lines

 auto eth1
 iface eth1 inet dhcp

and also reactivate

2019-12-01 22:51:05