Install Ubuntu or Kubuntu?

I intend to upgrade my Ubuntu Lucid to Kubuntu Maverick (with a fresh install certainly). I intend to attempt KDE, yet I have actually listened to there are mild concerns with the indigenous Qt applications contrasted to the GTK application matchings - such as nvidia - setups, Gimp, Ubuntu Software Centre, and also specifically th eSynaptic plan supervisor (which carefully revealed the management plan/ KPackageKit is not effective yet than synaptic)

I think we can have run GTK+applications in KDE, yet GTK+applications do not mix with the KDE desktop computer. Additionally Java does not give a GUI for KDE/Qt.

Should I install Kubuntu (KDE/Qt) or remain with ubuntu (GNOME/GTK npls)?

2019-05-18 23:59:21
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I run a crossbreed and also every little thing functions wonderful. K3b functions penalty when I make use of GNOME and also I make use of the GIMP every one of the moment in KDE. It does not matter much which you make use of.

Kwallet takes care of KDE applications in GNOME and also the Gnome keyring takes care of GNOME applications in Kubuntu. You can make use of Nautilus in KDE as long as you release it from the commandline with nautilus - - no - desktop computer, various other sensible it takes control of your desktop computer with GNOME. You can make use of Software Centre and also Ubuntu One in Kubuntu simply penalty.

I do not recognize why any person would perhaps assume that Ubuntu is extra brightened. I concur that it is the front runner yet most of us recognize what takes place to front runners (Titanic was a front runner therefore was the Mary Rose). GNOME requires extra gloss than that to be on the same level with KDE 4.5, IMO. Attribute for attribute, there is no contrast.

2019-06-01 08:39:52

Using Ubuntu (Gnome - desktop computer) or Kubuntu (KDE - desktop computer) remains in completion a selection of choice and also possibly what applications you make use of extra.

You can also install both, by seeing to it that both plans, ubuntu - desktop computer and also kubuntu - desktop computer are mounted. With this arrangement you can determine when you login, which desktop computer you intend to make use of (or with the adjustment customer alternative have both desktop computers going for the very same time).

if you intend to have a far better mix of GTK applications in KDE, you can select the Curve motif for them in the setups (I assume it remains in looks in system - setups).

I do not assume there is an actual unbiased solution greater than this for your inquiry, and also we do not intend to start any kind of flaming below

2019-05-21 11:00:37

In enhancement do txwikinger solution, I can claim that Ubuntu is Canonical is front runner item and also it is brightened even more (as an example: Software Center, UbuntuOne Client). So I would certainly stick to Ubuntu, yet install kubuntu - desktop computer plan and also attempt it on your own

2019-05-21 10:56:25