Basic analogue clock for the GNOME panel?

Exists any kind of means to get an analogue appear the panel?

I'm not curious about anchors, just the the gnome panel, like current variations of Mac OS assistance.

2019-05-19 00:01:44
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The default clock does not sustain an analogue setting. Nonetheless, I did locate this email. It recommends an application called gpe-clock. The application is not one of the most aesthetically appealing with a dark panel motif, yet it does sustain including a standard analogue clock to the panel. This is what it resembles:

So as you can see, the clock is really standard, yet it is analogue. The e-mail claims:

To place the freshly mounted applet on your panel, you require to appropriate - click a void on the panel bar and also click "Add to panel ...". For the remainder, you need to have no worry.

Nonetheless, gpe - clock did disappoint up in the checklist of applets for me. I needed to go to Applications - > Accessories - > Alarm clock to add it.

You can set it to analogue setting by clicking the applet and also picking 'Preferences'. From there, merely select 'Analogue layout' and also struck 'OK'.

2019-05-21 03:37:13

At this factor in time, I have actually not seen any kind of applet for an analogue clock. In the period prior to Gnome 2, I do bear in mind having one.

According to all my searches (discussion forums, freshmeat, gtkapps, etc) the closest remedy is a dock (like docky or awn) or cairo - clock. Unforunately those do not fulfill the demands you defined.

2019-05-19 14:37:10