Why is GNU screen/ byobu leaving waste message in the shell throughout a reverse search?

I lately beginning making use of GNU screen using Byobu yet I assume the trouble relates to screen.

I first SSH right into a web server and afterwards do a reverse search to run a generally run command (unload a the data source). I've edited several of the message, yet due to the fact that generally outputs (reverse-i-search)':' prior to the search, it pressed the line throughout the size of the incurable.

If I enjoy with the search and also approve the command, the rightmost message stays. See listed below:

So, why is this "waste message" remaining in the window? It just takes place in screen and also just appears to take place for sure hosts that utilize my custom.bashrc format and also do not have their very own.

2019-05-19 00:02:09
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You are possibly missing out on \[ and also \] in your PS1. It requires to walk around every non - printing retreat series, as an example the retreat series made use of to tint points blue and also yellow.

See the celebration male web page for information. It remains in the area labelled "Prompting".

It is additionally recorded in the details docs under Controlling the Prompt.

2019-05-21 09:53:28