What does Rhythmbox do the very first time it is run?

History: I have actually never ever made use of Rhythmbox on this computer system.

I simply mistakenly opened up Rhythmbox while my MP3 gamer was connected in. Without asking me or clarifying what it was doing it began "Importing ..." with high disk IO task in my residence folder. I left the program to stop it, yet not prior to it got to concerning 30% conclusion.

What did it simply do?

I can not locate any kind of documents of this actions on the Rhythmbox website or the Ubuntu Community Documentation.

Update: It struck me that the IO task I saw on my residence folder could simply be accidental, if Rhythmbox defaults to scanning my residence folder when it is first run. I located this in its Preferences screen:

Does this aid clarify what Rhythmbox was doing? If it matters, I do not have Music folder in my home folder.

2019-05-19 00:04:14
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It duplicates the songs off of your MP3 gamer right into your songs directory site in your house folder.

2019-05-21 10:13:45

I do not assume that Rhythmbox duplicates music documents from MP3 - gamers if the customer hasn't informed it to do so.

What you saw was Rhythmbox scanning your Music folder. It is default practices of Rhythmbox to see that directory site and also see to it all music documents because directory site remain in its music collection. It does not relocate or remove or import any kind of music documents, it simply includes documents in your Music folder to the collection, so you can play the tracks via Rhythmbox.

2019-05-21 09:59:54