Internal microphone is not functioning after upgrade

My laptop computer is ThinkPad Edge, Intel system. My inner microphone quit working after I updated to Ubuntu 10.10.

Inner audio analog stereo is signed in Sound Preferences - > Input. When I run Sound Recorder - Input Level in Sound Preferences is not transforming.

What should I do to repair this?

2019-05-19 00:06:09
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Answers: 2

I made use of to have this trouble on my MSI laptop computer, I mounted PulseAudio Manager and also it repaired it. Hope this benefits you too.

2019-05-21 10:20:14

I had this "trouble" also yet in my instance was really simple to address it.

The REAL trouble was that my microphone was low-key inside the audio input config. Go there and also examine if the MUTE 'checkbox' is examined, if it is simply uncheck.

I wish that address your trouble.

All the best!

2019-05-21 10:06:14